Tip of the Day: Put Down Them Long-haired Books!

by Eubie on September 15, 2015

poster[1]… and do your book-learning on the InterWebs! Here is a story references 11 dynamite sites that will teach you how to do everything from, well, everything to everything! In no time you’ll be that guitar-playing yogi coder chess champion that you always dreamed of!


Tip of the Day: Morning Productivity

by Eubie on September 11, 2015

Early bird or night owl? If you’re like us, you prefer one (night owl) but are forced to live the other. If you are trapped in a life of morning drudgery, here are a few tips to help you persevere and overcome:

1) Drink a glass of water (with lemon).

2) Set and review goals (oh, and try to reach them while you’re at it).

3) Tech up (apparently the Coach.me app will act as your own personal e-mentor and e-motivator).

4) Exercise (proven to be better in the morning).

5) Lighten up (as in, throw open the curtains and Let the Sunshine In).

6) Eat healthy (protein rather than grains).

7) Think on it (meditate).

8) “Hooray for me!” (give yourself the Stuart Smalley Treatment).

9) Make a list (or don’t… we are ambivalent about this last one as Murray Burns is our personal hero).


Tip of the Day: Tick Tock…

by Eubie on September 9, 2015

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day; you fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.–Pink Floyd, 1973.

Time marches on, waits for no man, and is the fire in which we burn. Yes, other than love, nothing seems to bring out the poet in us quite like the passing of the hour. But what is it, really? While you consider such a timely question, have a look at this website to give you some perspective. To paraphrase Bert Einstein, it’s all relative.



Tip of the Day: Plankity Plank Plank

by Eubie on September 8, 2015

a7a30d1d284409000eb992714933c6e1-723x1024[1]Now this is an exercise we can get behind… or down on all fours, as it were. It’s called ‘planking,’ and as you might’ve guessed, it basically involves keeping your body stiff as a board for a period of time in order to tone up various ‘core’ muscle groups. The added benefits include better posture and fewer lower back problems. Only a few minutes a day and you’re on your way to rock-hard abs and a pain-free life… or at least a little more of both.


220px-Night_Moves_VHS_cover_artAfter unearthing a little neo-noir gem from the mid-1970s, Night Movies (1975) starring Gene Hackman, who as of this writing is still alive (inside joke), we did what all cinephiles do in such situations: we headed over to Wikipedia to see what was the story behind the story. And, as is so often the case in such Interwebs stream-of-consciousness hopping and bopping, we were eventually led to a list of ‘movies you haven’t seen but really should.’ Here is that list from the book Produced and Abandoned, by Mike Sragow, a noted film critic (who is also still alive). Enjoy.


Tip of the Day: Understanding Violence

by Eubie on May 1, 2015

Found this gem of an article, a conversation between two deep thinkers, about the nature of modern-day violence. Worth the time to read it, and then some.


Hannibal Lecter: “…while you could only dream of getting out… getting anywhere… getting all the way to the F-B-I.” 

And what does it take to get all the way to the F-B-I, other than enduring the mind games of a brilliant psychopathic serial killer (a la, Agent Starlings)? Well, passing this physical test of strength and endurance, for one. See if you qualify to be a modern day crime fighter (we’re gonna leave the women’s portion to some women’s-oriented blog to reference; we are, after all, unrepentant bachelors here).

1. 38+ situps in one minute (shoulders blades touch the ground followed by back perpendicular)

2. 52.4-second 300-meter sprint.

3. 30+ pushups, standard form, no time limit.

4. 12:24 or faster 1.5-mile run.

*No more than a five (5) minute rest between exercises. From there, it gets complicated. That is, even if you can knock these out with minimum scores, you still haven’t exactly passed the test. But give it a try. It’s a start anyway, Melvin.



In keeping with our theme of getting fit (although this falls squarely into the ‘do what I say not what I do’ category of UB advice), here are 10 exercises that burn the calories faster than your fastest sprint:

1. Kettlebag swing

2. Indoor rowing (and probably outdoor as well)

3. Burpees

4. AirDyne bike sprints (or maybe other bikes, too)

5. Jumping rope

6. Fat-tire biking (flat-tire biking?)

7. “Cindy”

8. Cross-country skiing

9. Tabata jump squats

10. Battling ropes


Again, needs no explanation. Adam Rosante is Yahoo! Health’s go-to guy, and he certainly looks about as fit as a human being can be. This warmup also seems common sensical, about as good a reason as there is to recommend it.


Tip of the Day: How to Fold a T-shirt

by Eubie on March 31, 2015

Title says it all. Go here and learn now! As a waster of some 45 seconds per shirt, we are willing to put in the practice sessions to get up to speed on this speedy (and effective) way to fold.