Tip of the Day: Do NOT “Have a Nice Day”!

by Eubie on July 7, 2012

The boutique cable network AMC, which produces some of the best shows on television (Mad MenWalking DeadBreaking BadThe Killing), also carries the occasional movie … it is American Movie Classics (AMC), after all. In primetime, the network will often play the same film back-to-back, with one of the showings featuring ‘Story Notes.,’ pop-ups with tidbits about the movie: themes, actors, production, etc., etc., etc. During a recent airing of The Matrix, we here at the HUB learned that bad things follow when you hear someone use the expression, “Have a nice day.” It’s the antithesis of the show biz vernacular, “Break a leg.” So today, be on guard when you hear or see the smiley face. Remember, Hollywood says it’s an omen of menace, and Hollywood never lies!

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