Fat People with Bad Taste

by Eubie on July 20, 2012

Here at the HUB, we love to be right and we love a good turn of a phrase, and we really, really love it when the two come together. This recent article matches up nicely with what we have(n’t as yet) been saying about the Big Picture: chiefly–and broadly–what the hell the world is coming to.

More specifically (in this case, anyway), the research of Messrs. Shoag and Ganong–which we think is a much better name for a Vaudeville team than a couple of eggheaded Ivy League economists–illuminates some of the aspects of the rich getting richer and the poor dying trying. Their research also touches on what’s happening in the cities, which we also think is an important focal point for understanding the human animal now and in the years to come. Humanity, to borrow liberally from The Jeffersons theme song, is, by analogy, “movin’ on up, to the East Side, to a DE-luxe apartment in the sky-eye-eye!” Or rather, we’re all moving to the cities.

We’ll save looking this up for another post that deals directly with the rising importance of the ‘city’ in human affairs, but the numbers, we promise, will be shocking. Something like… a very, very large percentage of the human race has moved to the city in the last hundred years or so, and it continues to rise. We won’t ever have a 100 percent of the global population living in the cities–probably–as long as we need folks in the Hinterlands to grow food and empty the ground of its wealth, but every day we need fewer and fewer … and the Big City beckons. Better jobs, a better life, and on, and on. Shoag and Ganong’s findings should give us pause, as they hint at what to expect from the ongoing global influence of Solow’s Law, especially as the barriers to labor rise (or, inversely, labor mobility falls) and the barriers to capital fall (or, again inversely, capital mobility rises). The super-rich will develop increasingly isolated communities (elites building that Pink Floyd-esque Economic Wall). Or, as the article writer Virginia Postel so eloquently put it, places that keep out the “fat people with bad taste.”

Now what say we take it to the level of Sci-Fi by tossing in this article that’s been generating some buzz over at the Chronicle of Higher Education.

And just who do you think will most likely be the consumers of that ‘immortality’ software and its accompanying cyborg body? We’re guessing it’ll be the folks best able to afford it.

In other words, see you in Hell, brothers.

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