Hell Hath No Fury…

by Eubie on May 3, 2013

We here at the HUB have been (sporadically) following the much-publicized Jodi Arias Trial… feels as though a trademark symbol should go next to that in recognition of the mileage (and appearance of ownership) CNN’s HLN network (“News and Views”) has gotten out of that ‘titillating’ trial title. Sex, violence, sex AND violence, this story has it all, and at the center is a love story gone horribly, horribly wrong. …and yes, brothers, we can most certainly relate. If you’re just joining the action, Arias is alleged to have stabbed (many, many times!), shot, and filleted her ex-boyfriend and sometime lover, Travis Alexander, back in June 2008. She’s claiming self-defense, the victim of a violent man–a time-tested defense used many, many times by women facing murder charges (it is called the ‘Battered Woman’s Defense,’ after all). Today, the prosecution gave its closing arguments, designed to elicit not only a premeditated murder conviction, but also a ticket for Arias to ride Ol’ Sparky (or whatever method of execution is employed in the Wild, Wild Western state of Arizona). While the outcome, at this point, remains decidedly uncertain, here’s a bit of insider analysis (courtesy of your good old Uncle Eubie) that might get underreported in the days ahead: in Arizona, the defense goes last in order for closing arguments, so the jury will get Jodi’s side of the story before going in to deliberate… and that, my brothers, may just be the procedural rule that serves Ms. Arias’s interests the most. Having been judged in a court of law before a jury of my peers, let me tell you that often it is these kinds of procedural quirks that have the most impact on trial outcomes. Every attorney who has ever stood before a jury box will tell you that juries are fickle, and about as easy to predict as the spot where a tornado will touch down. So don’t be surprised if Ms. Arias escapes the sharp and pointed justice of an Arizona lethal injection, though she probably will not walk out of court a free woman, either. Still, at Casino HUB we’re taking all bets that Ms. Arias does NOT have to pay for a life with her own death.

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