The Gender Paradox of Suicide

by Eubie on May 4, 2013

Making the media rounds the last few days is a story about the frightfully huge increase in the suicide rate among adults between 35 and 64 years of age. The most pronounced increases were for men in their fifties and women in their late fifties/early sixties, nearly or actually doubling for both sexes in those demographics. What you won’t hear much about, though, is the large disparity between men and women in the numbers of ‘successful’ suicides, with more than three times as many men (for all age groups under examination) as women successfully shuffling off this mortal coil. Where the ‘paradox‘ comes in is that women are, more or less, three times as likely as men to attempt suicide. The studiers of suicide attribute this paradox to a variety of factors, chief of which is men (in America, anyway) use guns more often than women, and guns apparently are a pretty effective way of taking arms against a sea of troubles. The question they don’t answer, though, is why men turn to Messrs. Smith & Wesson with greater regularity. So if you’re on the fence about making your Quietus, we recommend taking the gun out of your warm, live hands before they become cold, dead ones.

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