Tip of the Day: The Library!

by Eubie on May 5, 2013

Its a Wonderful LIfeIn one of many climactic scenes in Frank Capra’s masterpiece, It’s a Wonderful Life, our dark hero George Bailey grabs his wingless angel buddy Clarence by the shirt and screams the question everyone’s wanted an answer to since Georgie Boy first took his alternative universe journey through a George Bailey-less Bedford Falls (aka, ‘Pottersville’): Where the hell is Mary!? At first hesitant, reluctant, the put-upon Clarence finally squeals out an answer: “She’s… she’s just about to close up the library!”

By now practically everyone with a television… so everyone… knows that, without George around to save her from a life of spinsterhood (though we’d like to note the obvious anti-feminist undertones of Mary’s fate sans George, seeing as how here at the HUB we’re big fans of them that take the road of single life, be they he’s or she’s), Mary does not marry. After a sprint, George finds the dowdy Mary coming out of the local biblioteca, grabs her by the arms and in his best crazed stalker delivery, promptly scares the bejeezus out of the once-and-future Mrs. Bailey, who also promptly faints dead away. George having had his fill of the ’empty world without me,’ races back to the bridge from whence he contemplated that existential chestnut of being or not, falls on his knees and begs the Big Man Upstairs for a little grace. Clarence’s mission completed, and the rest as they say…

Well, we’re referencing that scene because today’s tip is for you to take a trip to your local library! See what we did there? You thought we were going this way and then we went that way! Classic misdirection. You see, the library is a great place to get all kinds of free entertainment (such as a DVD copy of this very cinematic gem!), and we are all about free here. Books, movies, social engagements, libraries have it all. Plus, you might just meet a lovely spinster librarian to pass the time with… just don’t grab her, wild eyes spinning in your head, and tell her you both were married in another life. At least, not the first time you meet!

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