Tip of the Day: Put a Fiverr on It

by Eubie on May 10, 2013

Here at the HUB, we like to hip you cool UB cats to the latest crazy and hep websites. So today we’re going to direct you to Fiverr, stealing this shout-out (honestly) from a recent episode of Tosh.0. Got a spare fiver to throw away? This is the place for you. For the low, low price of half a sawbuck, you can get someone to film a personalized belly dance, or translate a paragraph of Japanese into English, or design a logo for your own website, or any of a thousand other things someone will do for a rather small amount of money. And, if you have a marketable skill that you think some idiot will want to part with his or her own hard-earned cash to acquire, you can advertise yourself on the site and high-volume your way into a (small) fortune!

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