What’s Wrong With the Media

by Eubie on May 12, 2013

The Fourth Estate is ***ked! That’s the verdict of this article from the website MarketWatch. Why? According to article author Brett Arends, what’s driving today’s media market is to blame: 1) the speed at which stories go to press… or to cyberspace; 2) declining revenues in an era of free information and information overload; 3) the power of the Fat Cats to call the shots, making it increasingly difficult for today’s journalist to rake the muck; 4) the rise of the ‘social media’ journalist, a spineless, suck-up who succeeds by virtue of the softball story and glad-handed coverage of the issues; and finally, 5) partisanship, or the division of media into ‘right’ and ‘left’ wings, complete with ‘narratives’ within which all facts are shoehorned regardless of how well the square peg fits into the round hole.

Then again, Arends does underestimate the rise of non-traditional journalism to fill the gap and provide the cogent, hard-hitting analysis that he laments we have lost. Still, when the market decides, an enterprise like journalism is likely to suffer because, truth be told, people like ‘good news’ and don’t much like ‘bad’. Try to sell them stories about the ‘woe-betide’ state of the world, you just won’t find the masses queueing up.

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