Tip of the Day: Fixed-Schedule Productivity

by Eubie on May 19, 2013

The glacial pace at which this website is being constructed speaks volumes about our work habits… or rather, our lack of them. So in order to speed the plow, light a fire under our moon-sized asses, and put the pedal to the metal (and whatever other cliched up-and-at-’em bon mot gets you going), we’ve decided to offer some advice that, in turn, we are going to try oh-so hard to take to heart: succinctly put, make a work schedule and stick to it. A smart (and demon-mad productive) fella labeled this plan of attack ‘fixed-schedule productivity,’ and he explains it thus:

  1. Choose a schedule of work hours that you think provides the ideal balance of effort and relaxation.
  2. Do whatever it takes to avoid violating this schedule.

It’s just that simple! In this age of distraction, we’re working awfully hard not to get any actual work done, twittering away our day checking and sending emails, updating our Facebook page, making and fielding the random (and often unnecessary) phone call, and just generally pissing away the time doing nothing of any real value. So stop it! And the way to do that is easier than you might imagine. Just put the phone in your desk drawer, steer clear of the Facebook page and your email account, and do the things you want done from … oh, say… the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. What the heck, give yourself an hour for lunch. Do that, according to our wiz kid mentioned above, and you’ll rise like cream, reach new heights, and have something to put on your tombstone besides, “Here lies Paulie Procrastinator, killing time as usual.”

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