Tip of the Day: Live Free!

by Eubie on May 23, 2013

… at least for one day! And no, you don’t have to subsequently ‘die hard,’ though we’ll leave that up to you. By ‘living free’ for a day, what we’re getting at is trying to go 24 hours without spending any money. Think it can’t be done? Allow us to direct you to this lovely 68-year-old German mother of two who has lived (nearly) money free for 14 years. Fourteen years! If she can do it, so can you… again, at least for one day. Try walking to work, biking, or catching a (mostly free) ride with friends. Eat the stuff you have taking up space in the cupboards. Go to the library and rent a DVD or, better yet, get a book and sit out on the back porch (or front stoop) and read; read about how to get through life without all the ‘garbage’ that’s just been dragging you under! Do this one day a week, then maybe try two. Pretty soon, you’ll see that there’s much more to existing than parting with cash for crap that brings you nothing but headaches and unnecessary obligations. For the sake of balance, here’s an alternative view on living without money… which also has some good links to those ‘free-spirited’ types who do.

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