Working Moms

by Eubie on May 29, 2013

Wanted to toss this up for comment from the legion of UB followers out there! Mothers are now the top earners in 40 percent of all households. This represents a rather important societal shift. More mothers as top breadwinners, more single mothers, fewer marriages, more pressure on government and business to enact family-friendly policies to accommodate those working women, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Let’s be clear, we are not bringing this to your attention to criticize these trends. No. Rather, we want to point out what’s happening to men, for there is a flip-side: fewer men as top earners in the household, more single men who either do not have children or do not live with their children, rising costs to men for those family-friendly policies that do not benefit men directly (for surely the costs of these government and business policies will be spread over the entire population of workers and taxpayers, rather than shifted only to those who benefit). Again, we are not even remotely suggesting that we should go back to a world of barefoot-and-pregnant housewives and king-of-the-castle husbands, but we are suggesting that these trends do not have a positive effect on the lives of many men, and that we need to consider what negative effects they are having on men in order to figure out how to address their needs. Also, these trends have a potentially negative societal impact, as more and more men are marginalized and end up opting out of society. Witness the rising popularity of the Sovereign Citizens Movement.

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