Three-and-a-half Hours of Sunday Night TV

by Eubie on May 31, 2013

The Killing Season 3We’ll just go ahead and pencil you in, okay? This Sunday, June 2, offers three-and-a-half hours of primo TV. Starting at 8 p.m., it’s the season opener of The Killing, a dynamite show featuring intriguing characters and great stories. This Sunday starts a whole new storyline, a serial killer in Seattle for Linden and Holder to grapple with, and when they both get their dander up, they are quite the tenacious pair. On the heels of this comes Episode 10 of Season Six of Mad Men. This season has received mixed reviews, but here at the HUB we’re 100-percent onboard. This year has offered some of the most exciting, well-grafted television-as-artistic-expression that we’ve ever seen. No, really! Then at midnight, it’s the Season Five premiere of The Venture Bros.! So, atmospheric noir whodunit followed by existential angst-ridden period drama followed by balls-deep comedic satire. Proof that God exists? Maybe.

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