June 2013

We’ll leave the heaving lifting of this tip up to you. Read this page from The Motley Fool (or maybe this one), and then begin your journey to the Good Life. The basic idea here is that you can invest small amounts of money and over time this can accumulate to larger amounts, provided the market doesn’t […]


Tip of the Day: Safer Email

by Eubie on June 29, 2013

We’re going to keep up with the tips for the next few weeks, but expect them to be succinct. We’ve got irons in the fire and so these will be more of the ‘We direct you to the helpful advice of others’ kind of thing. Today’s tip is about managing your email account to ensure […]


Tip of the Day: Power Down

by Eubie on June 28, 2013

If you haven’t heard, a big-brain tete-et-tete is going on this week in the ski resort town of Aspen, known as the 2013 Aspen Ideas Festival (June 26-July 2). The Atlantic is hosting a webpage devoted entirely to the AIF happenings (as is the festival’s website, to a lesser extent). Today’s tip comes from Arianna […]


Tip of the Day: You Must Wear Sunscreen!

by Eubie on June 27, 2013

Men do not wear sunscreen… but ‘Real’ Men do! Really, you have to, now that skin cancer is becoming as common as the common cold. You probably already know a few of the basics: you need a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) equal to the danger level the Apollo poses to the pastiness of the flesh […]

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Tip of the Day: Closer to the Heart

by Eubie on June 26, 2013

Found this collection of tips from a Dr. Stork (who, surprisingly, is not a pediatrician) that collectively adds up to one big TOD (Tip of the Day): Give some love to your heart. First, quit smoking. According to Dr. S’s little video, no smoker lives past 80. Since we’re pushing 79, we’re going to give this […]


Tip of the Day: Better Buck Chow

by Eubie on June 25, 2013

Today’s tip is stolen… sorry, taken from the Tampa Bay Times, and rearranged in such a way as to avoid copyright infringement! Dollar menus at your local fast-food establishment are tempting, so much so that we all get pulled in from time to time, especially when our wallets are racing toward empty. So you want […]


Tip of the Day: Inside Out

by Eubie on June 24, 2013

If you’re an unrepentant bachelor, you probably eat (a lot) of spaghetti, and if you eat spaghetti, over time your favorite shirts begin to look like Jackson Pollack paintings. The solution (if you haven’t guessed it already) is so simple you’ll mess yourself when you hear–or rather, read–it: if you’re gobbling up something sauce-y or […]


Notes on the Zombie Apocalypse

by Eubie on June 23, 2013

World War Z is in theaters this weekend. The movie, based on the critically-acclaimed book, received generally good reviews, though most of the critics who also read the book were quick to point out that something of the latter’s depth was lacking in the film. Interesting side note: the book was written by Max Brooks, […]


Tip of the Day: Be a Clown

by Eubie on June 23, 2013

It’s a slow news day, so to speak. The well, while not quite dry, is not much more than moist. So… we’re offering up this rather touchy-feeling tip (as opposed to the Save-Your-Life practical advice we dispense on a regular basis!) Hmm, the tone of that introduction does not mesh with the actual tip, so […]


Tip of the Day: Play Ball!

by Eubie on June 22, 2013

We’re a little late on this one, but we still wanted to hip you to the possibility of (once again) becoming one of the Boys of Summer. All across this great big Amber-Waves-of-Grainy Heartland of ours, old men are putting on the spikes, oiling up the gloves, and rosining up the bats to play baseball […]