Tip of the Day: Reconsider Eating Out

by Eubie on June 3, 2013

Brave man that he is, Hollywood legend Michael Douglas has recently gone to the media with the origins of his throat cancer: HPV, the virus that causes warts. The incidents of throat cancer among men has been rising. Doctors are warning that we’re on the verge of a pandemic, and HPV-related throat cancer in men is going to surpass HPV-related cervical cancer in women by 2020–less than seven short years away. The good news is the survival rate, if detected early, is pretty high, with 85-90 percent of cases curable. What to do? First, if you have a son (or daughter) between the ages of 9 and 26, get him or her vaccinated against certain forms of HPV (unfortunately, HPV comes in literally hundreds of varieties, so you’ll have to rely on getting inoculated against the most common types, which also happen to be related to cervical and throat cancers). Next, get your throat checked, especially if you’re experiencing any extended discomfort. Also, clean living is helpful, and by that we mean keep down the number of women (or men) you feast on, eat a balance diet and get plenty of rest (and all those other recommendations that relate to helping you boost your immune system), and eat almonds. Lots and lots of almonds. Famed Kentucky psychic Edgar Cayce said almonds were the key to staving off the Big C.

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