Tip of the Day: I (Don’t) Love It When You Call Me Big Papa

by Eubie on June 5, 2013

Found this inspirational story the other day, which tends to reinforce everything we’ve been saying here at the HUB about lifestyle choices and such. Jobless fashion designer/musician Papa Joe Aviance lost 250 lbs. on what he’s dubbed the ’99-cent diet,’ basically trying to eat right while being limited to shopping at the local dollar general store. His approach to weight loss, and healthy living, is sublimely simple: cut out the crappy foods and drinks and walk. That’s it, that’s all of it in the proverbial nutshell. Papa Joe was able to reduce his food bill to about $50 a week and, because he could not afford a pricey membership at the local gymnauseaous, he took to hoofing it in the hood (that in no way was a comment on Joe’s race; we just liked the alliteration of ‘hoofing’ and ‘hood’). We’ve covered this ground before in other tips of the day, but we still feel that a feel-good story like Joe’s is worth the occasional mention, if only to reassure you that big things can be accomplished by taking small steps… around the block to the local discount store to buy healthy budget meals!

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