Tip of the Day: What to Do If You Sit Too Much (and We Do… Yes, We Do!)

by Eubie on June 8, 2013

Here’s a quickie exercise you can do to balance against your sedentary lifestyle, especially all that time you’re spending on your patoot watching ballgames or surfing the InterWebs. We have first-hand knowledge of the effects of too much sitting, as we spend every waking moment in front of a computer screen bringing all you unrepentant bachelors all this fabulous content to help you get through an unforgiving world as you slog through your bitterly unfulfilling life (but so much better now since you’ve found us, right!?) After a particularly long stretch of NOT stretching those hammies, we almost fell face-first onto the kitchen linoleum when our legs gave out from lack of use. Try this exercise periodically throughout the day; it’ll give you an excuse to get out of the cubicle, off the couch or, for the really mobilely-challenged, the bed.

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