Tip of the Day: Learn from a Hollywood Legend

by Eubie on June 10, 2013

Here at the HUB, we like to emphasize a Spartan lifestyle. Our motto: Simplify, simplify, simplify! Life in these modern times is all about the clutter, the endless accumulation of more and more stuff to help you fill the empty void running deep, deep down into your rapidly disintegrating heart. And that’s the happy news. The Truth–and the sickness–are even more profoundly disturbing. But we’ll leave the answers to those bigger questions for later, after you’ve bit off, chewed, and digested a few of the smaller ‘small t’ truths. So to begin with, today make it a point to check out all the hubbub surrounding famed Ace Venture¬†writer/director Tom Shadyac, whose story was recently featured on ABC’s Nightline. Tommy, or so the story goes, had a near-death experience and it prompted one of those ‘take-stock’ moments. After one of those long, hard looks in the mirror, Mr. Shadyac didn’t like what he saw, and this started him on a personal odyssey to try to discover (and define for himself) a more meaningful life. You can follow him on that journey in his new documentary film I Am, or read about the fruits of his introspection in his new book, Life’s Operating Manual.

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