Tip of the Day: Be a Scout!

by Eubie on June 13, 2013

The Boy Scouts of America have gotten a lot of negative press recent for its century-long ban on admitting homosexuals, a ban that only very, very recently has been overturned. We’re not terribly interested in the political troubles of the BSA, though as a rule we tend to lean over to that side of the fence that celebrates inclusiveness. Still, far as we can tell, sex isn’t a topic generally associated with scouting, at least, not much more beyond the organization’s broader concerns with issues of personal hygiene and fidelity. Moving on. Today’s tip is all about how the BSA can help you (in a different way, that is)! In particular, the Boy Scout Handbook (12th edition). This is an excellent reference guide for forging (and foraging) your way through the Great Outdoors, and since it’s summertime, going over the river and through the woods–whether or not it’s to Grandmother’s house–is something you should be doing. Communing with Nature is an important part of getting in touch with the animal spirit within, and the BSA Handbook provides you with a wealth of information on how to do it safely, effectively, and in a manner that is eco-friendly. So grab a book, a kerchief, and a canteen–unless Canteen Boy will be joining you–and head out to the High Country!

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