Payback: Update on the Brian Banks Story

by Eubie on June 17, 2013

Brian Banks? He’s the former standout high school football star who had his career path to college (and professional) sports success interrupted by a ‘vacation’ of five hard at one of California’s many, many overflowing prisons (and another five on probation, including signing up as a sex offender) for a rape he did not commit. His accuser, Wanetta Gibson, was awarded a hefty $750,000 payout from the Long Beach Unified School District for a civil suit for damages due to the school district’s negligence. Now the worm has turned full circle: Ms. Gibson has been slapped with a $2.6 million judgment for her false allegations not only against Banks, but more precisely against the LBUSD. We’re posting this story because it is the rarest of exceptions. Women who bring false rape allegations against men are never punished. Never? Yes, never… okay, maybe just this once.

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