Tip of the Day: Be a Moraliste!

by Eubie on June 18, 2013

While wading through the detritus of the InterWebs, we came upon this interesting article about the French Fly-in-the-Ointment philosophe Pascal Bruckner, who has been raising interesting questions about our approach to contemporary moral dilemmas, and how we just might be doing more harm than good. The article places Bruckner squarely in the tradition of the French moralistes of the past, intellectuals who grappled with the ‘moral’ and ethical paradoxes of our time. Bruckner has a new book out criticizing the overzealousness of the environmental movement, particularly as it plays out in the Land of the Franks. In fact, underlying much of Bruckner’s worldview is the belief that the ‘political correctness’ of the Left is producing extremist attitudes, diagnoses of ills, and policy prescriptions that are, not only inconsistent, but dangerous; perhaps, even more so in their methods. An angry mob of the righteous that vehemently attacks all who refuse to toe the line. Bruckner, et al., use the aphorism, the pithy observation, to lay bare the fundamental illogic of the dogma of the contemporary ‘liberal’ doctrinaire. So today, go forth with eyes wide open and view the world anew; try to see things from a fresh perspective, one that is logically consistent, one that makes sense. In short, be a moraliste!

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