Tip of the Day: Make it Plain

by Eubie on June 19, 2013

One of the healthiest, tastiest foods you can make a regular part of your daily graze is yogurt. Of course, that last statement comes with a caveat: it should be plain yogurt. You see, the sweetened-up kind has enough sugar and fat to kill you, dead!  Yes, even the sugary brands have a lot of calcium, but why not get all the good without the bad? Taste is the problem, you say? Well, that’s where the UB Tip of the Day™ comes in: add some healthy honey, cinnamon, or fresh fruit (such as sliced bananas) to punch up that drab, white gelatinous substance that looks like… oh, never mind. Oh oh! and Greek yogurt, which is enjoying a huge upsurge in sales, is a really good choice for those of you who want to eighty-six the California White. Eat healthy, brothers!

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