Tip of the Day: Get a Pet

by Eubie on June 21, 2013

As we sit here in the Bat Cave far below Wayne Manor listening to the purring sound of the cat we are stroking, the thought occurred to make a recommendation of animal companionship as our Tip of the Day™. Cats, dogs, rodents, reptiles, whatever, get a pet. We would like to at least suggest going to the local animal shelter to rescue a poor soul doomed to the needle (and the incinerator, yikes!) These days, you can get a completely ‘tricked-out’ pet, one with all of his or her shots, spayed or neutered, and tracking chip installed. There is a certain amount of responsibility, especially if you have a dog, who will need to get some fresh air from time to time (daily, that is), but the rewards are manifest (although Yahoo! ran a story yesterday about the 11 diseases you can catch from your pet… again, yikes!) Pets make the most loyal of ‘friends,’ always there to provide solace when you’re feeling blue. They also do some pretty funny things. Watch!

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