Tip of the Day: Be a Clown

by Eubie on June 23, 2013

It’s a slow news day, so to speak. The well, while not quite dry, is not much more than moist. So… we’re offering up this rather touchy-feeling tip (as opposed to the Save-Your-Life practical advice we dispense on a regular basis!) Hmm, the tone of that introduction does not mesh with the actual tip, so let’s try this: we often take life far too seriously, frowning our way through a tough 24 in our difficult journey through an unkind world. Nope. Still not getting it. Okay, ‘guy walks into a bar and orders a glass of water and a French tickler. Bartender says… ‘ There we go! Now we’re getting on track! Today, seek out, and take the time to appreciate, the true belly laugh, the guffaw, the … as Chuckles the Chipmunk once said… “outright prolonged laughter, 85%.” Humor is the purest and most beautiful of things, and laughter its most sincere expression. Oh, and the ‘be a clown’ recommendation? Make somebody else laugh today, and see if you don’t find that it’s contagious. Here, this should get you pumped up to do your man-in-the-street standup.

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