Tip of the Day: Inside Out

by Eubie on June 24, 2013

If you’re an unrepentant bachelor, you probably eat (a lot) of spaghetti, and if you eat spaghetti, over time your favorite shirts begin to look like Jackson Pollack paintings. The solution (if you haven’t guessed it already) is so simple you’ll mess yourself when you hear–or rather, read–it: if you’re gobbling up something sauce-y or drinking something spill-y, when in doubt, turn that shirt inside out! That way, all the nasty drips and such will land on the inside where no one can see them, and you’ll be able to get another couple of thousand miles in usage out of those very special tees. As an added bonus tip: when you wash any of your logo-ed T-shirts, turn them inside out, too. This will help to preserve the Van Halen or Rolling Stones decal on the souvenir swag from that concert back in the 1980s you have no memory of, but know you attended because you have the shirt to prove it!

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