Tip of the Day: Closer to the Heart

by Eubie on June 26, 2013

Found this collection of tips from a Dr. Stork (who, surprisingly, is not a pediatrician) that collectively adds up to one big TOD (Tip of the Day): Give some love to your heart. First, quit smoking. According to Dr. S’s little video, no smoker lives past 80. Since we’re pushing 79, we’re going to give this tip some serious thought. Next, cut back on the sweets, especially using a little trick called portion control… HA!… sorry, have a sweet every now and again, but don’t eat the whole pint of Haagen-Dazs or the Tastykake Kandy Bar Kakes we previously recommended (good as they are). Third, no more than one glass of wine (4 oz.), beer (12 oz.), or liquor (1.5 oz.) a day if you’re a woman, and two if you’re an unrepentant bachelor… okay, if you’re unrepentant, then there’s no telling you what to do. Merely a suggestion, again if you want to live past 80 without needing a robo-heart. No. 4: floss your teeth! Surprise! That crap between your chompers is killing you, or at least, bad dental hygiene is allowing a lot of other bad junk to get into your bloodstream, and that’s what’s going to kill you. Either way, it’s easy, you’ll feel better, and you’ll live longer. Side note: one of our favorites from days gone by was a little show called Six Feet Under (mostly forgotten now, unfortunately, though it made a star of Dexter). One of the eccentricities of the central character, Nate Fisher, was flossing, a habit he started later in life when he came home the Prodigal Son at the show’s inception. Spoiler Alert! It didn’t save him… but it can save you! Okay, and lastly, stop whining! Folks who complain stress their hearts, and that’s bad. Relax! Or as a wise man once said: “Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s ALL small stuff. And if you can’t fly and you can’t flee, flow.”

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