Tip of the Day: You Must Wear Sunscreen!

by Eubie on June 27, 2013

Men do not wear sunscreen… but ‘Real’ Men do! Really, you have to, now that skin cancer is becoming as common as the common cold. You probably already know a few of the basics: you need a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) equal to the danger level the Apollo poses to the pastiness of the flesh wrap covering your bones. If you’re an albino like us, you need something high: 40 or above. If your skin is darker, dial it back. Coatings–which should be liberal–usually last a couple of hours, so put it on regularly when you’re out in the daylight for longer periods. Best advice we can give is to slather up after your morning shower. Make it a part of your routine throughout the year and then you never have to worry about what season it is, and frankly, with Mother Sun cooking 365, it’s best to film up every day. Finally, put a bottle in your golf bag, and use it.

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Beck Ho June 30, 2013 at 6:54 am

According to this article sunscreen may not be such a good idea after all:


I haven’t seen anything of any substance that contradicts it since it was published some three years ago.

In short: beware the cosmetics-industrial complex!


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