Tip of the Day: Safer Email

by Eubie on June 29, 2013

We’re going to keep up with the tips for the next few weeks, but expect them to be succinct. We’ve got irons in the fire and so these will be more of the ‘We direct you to the helpful advice of others’ kind of thing. Today’s tip is about managing your email account to ensure greater security. Apparently, we’ve all fallen into a lot of bad habits. This story lists 11 of the worst of them. Some you might not have thought of, though most are pretty straightforward: don’t give out sensitive information to strangers; if the email’s message is too good to be true, it is; don’t use unsecure networks at unsecure places like the library or Starbucks; etcetera etcetera. But here’s one that’s probably not a bad idea, although probably difficult to put into (regular) practice: log out. Don’t keep your inbox up and running. Again, this is something you can make a habit of, and over time you’ll get to where you don’t even notice… kind of like wearing a seatbelt. You do wear a seatbelt, don’t you? Okay then, we’ve got tomorrow’s tip.

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