July 2013

Tip of the Day: Pick a Better Pin

by Eubie on July 31, 2013

Here’s a practical tip for you on the fly (better late than never, eh?) Millions of dollars get boosted every year by clever thieves with the wherewithal to get access to your debit cards, credit cards, and pin numbers. Many, many people use easy-to-remember pin numbers, which makes it easy for those desperadoes to capitalize […]


Tip of the Day: Eat (Healthy and) Cheap

by Eubie on July 30, 2013

Vacation’s over so we’re back to positing, though we haven’t fully finished our respite. So with that predicate, we’ll offer up this quickie collection of tips for the day on how to eat healthy on a budget (story HERE): 1. Cut your own fruits and vegetables (or to turn it around, don’t buy pre-cut stuff, […]


The headline is self-explanatory, so without further ado (story┬áHERE): 1. Rice cakes 2. Fat-free salad dressing 3. Seitan (substitute meat, apparently) 4. Shark (not PC and dangerous–too much mercury) 5. Refined and re-fortified grains 6. Sugar-sweetened beverages 7. Grits (we’re actually big fans, so we might have to sidestep this recommendation… occasionally)


Tip of the Day: Eat Breakfast

by Eubie on July 24, 2013

Okay, maybe we’re not fully, completely on vacation. Happened upon this hot story about how important it is for men to eat breakfast and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to educate (that’s why we’re here!) So, starting tomorrow, shovel down those eggs, bacon, toast, juice (and we’re partial to grits… see the movie My Cousin […]


Tip of the Day: On Vacation

by Eubie on July 23, 2013

We will resume your regularly scheduled programming a week hence. Until then, may the road rise with you…


Tip of the Day: Follow Comic-Con

by Eubie on July 22, 2013

Comic-Con is here (and almost over… sorry). But you can still get up to speed on what’s what in the pop culture universe in the coming year by checking out this: The Toucan Blog, which is the official blogging platform for all things Comic-Con. Lots of big stories coming out of the conference, but what’s […]


Dilbert Speaks an Inconvenient Truth

by Eubie on July 21, 2013


Tip of the Day: Work at Home

by Eubie on July 21, 2013

You want to work at home, read this and this: best work-at-home jobs. Good luck!


Tip of the Day: Breathe!

by Eubie on July 20, 2013

We’ve offered at least one or two tips related to quitting smoking. Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. Regardless, you can still work on improving your breathing by doing a few exercises to help keep your lungs in shape, whether you are/were/or never were a smoker. Here’s a few from our go-to website, Livestrong.com. These […]

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Tip of the Day: What’s Up, Doc?

by Eubie on July 19, 2013

Men don’t go to the doctor, but ‘real’ men are smarter than that! Depending on your age, there are routine tests you should be getting… well, routinely. Go to this page by Men’s Health magazine to see what tests you should have regularly for your age group. Tests of particular, and universal, importance are: 1) […]