Tip of the Day: Head to the Great Outdoors!

by Eubie on July 1, 2013

Summer is a wonderful time to develop a love of camping, and you should. Again, since we’re a bit pressed for time we’re going to just direct you to the relevant material and leave the rest to you. By camping, we’re recommending a multi-day excursion (a weekend is good), which means you’ll need the appropriate overnight equipment: tent, sleeping bag, cooking utensils, clothing, etcetera. Here’s a site–The Ultimate Camping Guide–to get you started. No matter where you are there’s a campground nearby with (hopefully) pristine forests for you to stomp about in… just don’t leave a footprint. And by this we mean, don’t leave a pile of trash for the woodland creatures to remember you by. The time away from the madding crowd will do your soul some good, so get out there and rough it!

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