Tip of the Day: Drink Green Tea

by Eubie on July 9, 2013

Just trying to keep up here. With that in mind, today’s tip is to drink four cups of green tea every day. We’re sure there’s research out that warning of the dangers of too much green tea, but having lived in Asia for many years and seen the longevity of the most green tea-drinking country on Earth, Japan, we think this recommendation is a relatively safe bet. You’ll find plenty of websites lauding the benefits, such as this very general one. If you do become a fan, we also recommend investigating ‘tea culture,’ and by this we mean all things ‘tea.’ While in Japan, we were privy to the ceremonial aspects of drinking this bitter liquid, and they were fascinating. There are literally thousands of varieties, and almost as many ways to prepare, so if you find green tea to your liking, do your newfound habit up right and get the good stuff, brew it Old School, and enjoy it on your knees at a short table. Then, my friend, you’ll really be a ‘Tea’ Man.

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