Tip of the Day: Eat Your Superfoods

by Eubie on July 11, 2013

Sorry, more coasting… Come August, we’re really gonna kick it up a notch! Boo-yah! Came upon this article today with recommendations for 12 foods you should be eating regularly. Read the captions under the sliding boxes for each food to learn what are their individual benefits. We’ll just give you the quick list so you can skip the nutrition lessons and just trust us that these foods will fix you right up!

1. Berries (dark ones, especially)

2) Almond milk (you should see those tiny teats!)

3) Cinnamon (put a spoonful in coffee)

4) Avocados (bland and healthy)

5) Greek Yogurt (all the rage these days, for a reason)

6) Eggs (don’t believe all the negative hype… eggie-wegs are good for you!)

7) Extra-virgin olive oil (we use it to cook everything)

8) Hummus (put it on veggies for a tasty, healthy snack)

9) Nuts (not only a great food, but our favorite war quote)

10) Kale (Yuck! … I mean, ‘Yum!’)

11) Water with Lemon (we’ve always heard that this will strip the enamel off your teeth, but our authority–the article above–says the benefits outweigh the costs. So there you go!)

12) Quinoa (yeah, we got nothing)

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