Tip of the Day: Summer Fashion

by Eubie on July 12, 2013

There are a few things every unrepentant bachelor needs in his closet to cut a dashing figure in the summer. Here are just a few clothing and accessory tips:

1) You need a lightweight, navy blue blazer. Goes with everything and is very GQ.

2) A good pair of sunglasses. Ray-Bans never go out of style.

3) A hat that keeps the sun off of your face and neck. We recommend a genuine¬†Panama¬†(if you’ve got the change jingling in your pocket).

4) Swimsuit. This is a bit tricky. While some men prefer the snuggy Speedo, and others the baggie shorts, we recommend something in between: the ‘square leg‘.

5) Aloha shirt (aka, the ‘Hawaiian’). We’ve discussed this one already. You can find great bargains on top-quality shirts at your local Goodwill.

6) Ditch the watch, unless it’s one of the new Apple iWatches.

7) Kicks (something either slip-on or slip-in).

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