Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Arrested for Domestic Violence

by Eubie on August 2, 2013

megan-welterWhy, other than the fact that this story involves a high-profile woman accused of domestic violence, are we featuring it here? It provides an opportunity to teach. Megan Welter, Iraq War veteran, recently signed cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals, is now accused of domestic violence, but the twist is that she was the one who called the police and made an allegation that her boyfriend had assaulted her, had put her in a chokehold and had “smashed [her] head into the tile.” Most certainly he would have been arrested had he not recorded the incident on his cellphone. This story is so similar to our own tale of woe as to be identical… with one exception: our cellphone didn’t have a camera. And so, we were convicted of assault and sentenced to a year in jail. So let that be a lesson for all. If the shit starts to hit the proverbial fan, do everything you can to collect evidence to support your version, especially a video recording. In fact, probably nothing short of video proof will save your sorry ass, and you’re getting this straight from horse’s mouth!

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