For Your Amusement…

by Eubie on August 3, 2013

Came across this very interesting article in Wired magazine about a unique ‘event’ in artistic expression: a ‘cartoonist’ who drew more than 3,000 pictures, loaded them on a website one every half hour or so, and after many, many months produced a 40-minute animated film called Time. Even more interesting was what transpired around this ‘event’: an online community coalesced and a discussion/debate ensued about what people were actually watching… that is, what was the story, which, it turns out, is quite fascinating in its own right. Read the article for yourself and then watch the film, maybe visit the discussion groups if it really grabs you. In other words, enjoy what is a singular (and novel… or is that redundant?) story that was recently told and is now getting wider coverage in such ‘mainstream’ media venues as Wired magazine!

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