Tip of the Day: (Another) List of Ways to Eat Healthier

by Eubie on August 4, 2013

Yeah, we put up a lot of tips on eating. Hey, we’re guys. We eat. That’s what we do. Besides, most of us are out there scarfing up processed foods from convenience stores or circling through the nearest fast-food drive-through, so we’re eating pretty badly, and it’s making us (you!) miserable. Truthfully, the main reason to eat better is that it will make you feel better. Happier, less grumpy, more positive about enduring the other shitty things that are going to happen to you today. Here’s our newest list of ways to improve your eating habits. Simple suggestions all and, as the title indicates, easy to embrace. So embrace them! Changing your habits is a one-day-at-a-time endeavor, which is partly the reason we offer you these life-changing tips each and every day!

1.(DO) eat more whole foods.

2. (DO) emphasize variety (of nutrient-rich foods) and balance (those all-important food groups).

3. (DO) cook at home and prepare in advance.

4. (DON’T) skip meals.

5. (DON’T) eat (processed foods) on the fly.

6. (DON’T) go to the grocery without a list.

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