Tip of the Day: Break Bad

by Eubie on August 18, 2013

If you don’t know already, we’re now in the stretch run of one of the most compelling shows in this new ‘Golden Age of Television’: Breaking Bad. We still remember way, way back when, telling a close friend we’d just seen the pilot episode of this drama-slash-comedy that had the most outlandish premise we’d ever heard of–a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher learns he has cancer and decides to become a meth dealer! How in the hell did a show like this ever get on television, we said, though after watching the episode, which starred the father from Malcolm in the Middle and the pervy dentist from Seinfeld, we had to admit that it was amazing. And over its five-season run it’s gone from ‘amazing’ to … what’s the word we’re looking for?… oh yeah, ‘scrumtrulecent’! Well, the second half of the final half season of eight episodes kicked off last Sunday, so you’re a week behind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dive in tonight and catch one of the last seven hours of the grand finale of the epic journey of the baddest mutha on the small screen: Walter ‘Heisenberg’ White.

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