Tip of the Day: Put a Dryer Sheet in Your Car

by Eubie on August 22, 2013

Today we begin our long, hard journey to becoming a non-smoker. Long… and hard. Yesterday at our ‘quit-smoking’ class (funded, interesting enough, by the settlement between Big Tobacco and the states), one of our fellow travelers offered this advice to help freshen up a car saturated in cigarette smoke: put a dryer sheet in there. We know this is sound advice because said traveler works as a detailer on a car lot, so this is precisely the person to know all the tricks of the trade for helping a car to smell daisy-fresh as part of an effort to move it off the lot. Apparently, dryer sheets do a good job of absorbing nasty odors, such as cigarette smoke or whatever other foul smell that’s interfering with your olfactory experience as you make you daily slog to the rat race. Cheaper than one of those X-mas tree air-fresheners, too!

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