Tip(s) of the Day: How to Quit

by Eubie on August 23, 2013

As we mentioned we’re trying to quit smoking. Today was D-Day, Zero-hour: 9 a.m. … sorry, the lyrics from Rocket Man unintentionally intruded. We’ve always been partial to Stewie Griffin’s version of Bill Shatner’s version of the Elton John/Bernie Taupin classic. But that’s neither here nor some other place. What is important is this website with a list of the 13 very best tips for quitting, served up by our friends at WebMD. We’ll leave it to you to glide through the slide show. We did, and we’re hoping it helps us get through another painful day in Hell. Oh, the first ‘best’ tip is to have a good reason to quit and to focus on it. Ours is money; health be damned!

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