Tip of the Day: Buy Your Pet a Toy

by Eubie on August 28, 2013

… or better yet, play with him/her at least once or twice a day. Really, your pet spends far too much time sleeping his/her life away, and the reason is boredom. We speak from experience, having been a caged animal ourselves recently. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, all that’s left is to snooze… and so we do, and so does your pet. That’s why your cat looks like a basketball and your dog can’t get up off the floor when you come home. Cats are easy: just get a piece of string and twirl him/her around a while trying to catch it. Dogs require more effort. You have to take them to the Great Outdoors to stretch their legs (even the ones with really, really tiny ones, like Dachshunds or miniature poodles… you know, those handbag dogs all the celebs keep as accessories). Yes, even these canines need to get some fresh air. And so do you, so strap on the lease, get the poop bag, and go for a walk. You’ll both be glad you did!

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