Tip of the Day: Foods (NOT) to Eat to Look Younger

by Eubie on August 29, 2013

Kind of a cop-out tip today. Yes, it’s another food-related suggestion, and yes it’s not terribly provocative (if that’s not terribly redundant). But, it is good advice if you want to try to keep your youthful appearance in the face of the ravages of time. Without further pomp or circumstance, here’s the list of foods (and drinks) you should avoid in order to peel back the clock, courtesy of Yahoo’s Shine health website:

1) Salt (all-around good suggestion… too much salt is bad for you in so many, many ways)

2) Sugar (we’ve been here before, I know)

3) Java (yep, too much of a good thing ain’t good. Sub with green tea–we’ve been trying this out and so far, not bad)

4) Booze (take this one with a grain of … uh hum… salt)

5) Red Meat (not big meat eaters are we, but we understand the allure)

6) Simple carbs (white bread, plain pasta, etc… you’ve got the idea)

7) Spicy foods (we’re going to have to strenuously object to this one, but there you go… )

8) Hot dogs and cold cuts (it’s the sulfites, man, the sulfites!)

9) Soda (or Pop, if you prefer… terrible, terrible stuff. We’ve always steered clear so not a biggie)

10) Trans fats (fast foods, etc.)

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