Tip of the Day: Men Get Depressed

by Eubie on August 30, 2013

Back to the well, as they say, or in this case back to the Yahoo! Shine website for today’s… well, not exactly a tip, more like an info exchange to prompt some thinking on your part. Turns out that men get depressed… a lot, almost as much as women, apparently (if recent research is to be believed). Also, we exhibit depression in ways–aggression, especially–that are likely as not to get you arrested, which means you’ll really be depressed. Yeah, funny world. So, put this information to good use and try to get some assistance the next time you’re seething with rage over the most minor of irritations. It may mean you’re depressed, and yes, we’re trained to tough it out, but that might actually lead you to a situation in which you’ll find yourself very, very depressed… like prison, or worse, jail.

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