Tip of the Day: We (STAND) Corrected

by Eubie on August 31, 2013

In an earlier tip, we suggested looking into one of those new ergonomic ‘standing’ desks. This has become all the rage as science has learned of the ill-effects of our sedentary lifestyle (e.g., sitting around the office and the house all day and night). Well, it’s still true that we sit too much, but whether (just) standing is the way to offset this is debatable. According to a Cornell University professor of ergonomics, Dr. Alan Hedge, a better suggestion might be to mix up the sitting with a little walking around. That is, don’t just trade sitting at a desk in your cubicle for standing at a workstation all day. Both come with different sets of problems (for example, standing all day can cause varicose veins), so what might be the best strategy to get through your workday with a minimum of physical distress is to get up every 20 minutes or so and move around. Walk to the water cooler, or the toilet. Stretch your legs and get them pumping, even if it’s in place. Sit some, stand some, but mostly walk around. Always the Middle Way, my brothers… always the Middle Way!

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