Tip of the Day: Truck Stops

by Eubie on September 1, 2013

So you’re on the road, getting your kicks with Tod and Buz on the Mother Road… or maybe you’re heading for whatever lies over the horizon, or the rainbow, or beyond the end of the line. Here’s a tip for your journey: the magical world of the truck stop. At these oases of the open road, you can find showers, sit-down restaurants, a place to catch a few Zzz’s (safer than a Rest Stop, a la There’s Something About Mary), even … <cough cough> … female companionship. File this away in case you find yourself behind the wheel, wind in your hair, lead foot on the petal, tearing up that asphalt as you speed into the setting (or rising) sun. Oh, and you might want to put together a playlist of Top 10 highway songs for the trip (we’re also partial to Drive by the Cars and the not-to-be-confused-with-the-Cars’-version of Drive by R.E.M.)

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