Tip of the Day: Homelessness

by Eubie on September 2, 2013

Yesterday’s post referenced a website–more than a year old now–devoted to life as a wanderer, something we find increasingly compelling. Yes, most homeless do not choose their situation or circumstances, but rather have a nomadic lifestyle thrust upon them. But whether it is a choice or an inevitable consequence of misfortune, fate, bad luck, or all three, you can survive (and perhaps thrive) as a man of impermanence. We’ve been considering this for some time, as our own fortunes have, for longer than we’d care to consider, been plummeting. So, we offer up the website above, and the many links it has to share. We’ll be dropping in on this more general topic of Living Off the Grid periodically, for those of you UBs who want to get as far from the madding crowd as possible. Look for us on your journey. To paraphrase Tom Joad, “We’ll be there.

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