Tip of the Day: Quick Grammar Tips

by Eubie on September 3, 2013

There is a debate in some language circles about the importance of structure, rules, consistency, versus the overriding imperative of communicating. We tend to side with the rule makers/enforcers (yes, we do have our standards!) Still, we understand that there will always be those renegades, rebels, freethinkers and such who push the envelope and take the language in new directions. You are not one of them… and neither are we. With that in mind, we offer these simple grammar tips to help make you a better writer. Rather than reproduce them in their entirety, we’ll let you go for a visit and learn on your own. We will say that several address common mistakes easily remedied with a bit more focus or concentration on the task at hand. Learnt ’em and write gooder, says us!

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