Tip of the Day: Feed Your Hunger for Film Noir

by Eubie on September 4, 2013

Occasionally the occasional worth-featuring website pops up and so it gets featured. Ta-da! Today’s tip is to visit what has to be one of the most comprehensive websites (and prettiest to look at) devoted to film noir: Film Noir of the Week. We could spend (and have spent) days looking through the films, reading the synopses, and planning our next noir marathon. What’s so great (or relatable) about film noir? Well, you’re an unrepentant bachelor, right? So maybe somewhere along the line a femme fatale put you off cow-buying for good. At the heart of film noir is the soul of every unrepentant bachelor, and so that is why you must… MUST get up to speed on the basics. Also, if you’re really committed to the UB lifestyle, you’re going to die alone in some fleabag hotel in a dark corner of some urban jungle, so there’s that to consider. Anyway, the more you know, the more you know… and knowledge is power. Or so the last dame who broke our heart told us as she walked out that door with the gun in her hand.

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