Tip of the Day: The King of UB Comedy

by Eubie on September 5, 2013

Does anyone remember laughter? We don’t… didn’t… do now. And the reason is Bill Burr! We are naming this guy the Official Comedian of Unrepentant Bachelors… and we aren’t hedging even a little bit on this one. This guy is the voice of his generation (or demographic, as it were). Check out the YouTube clip above, and then check out some of the others, and then go to his website, and then put some money in his pocket the next time he comes to town to do a show. Oh, as an added bonus, he’s also a minor character on Breaking Bad (though it remains to be seen whether he’ll surface again before the finale). Not only is the guy funnier than an overstuffed clown car, his material is all UB-approved, and finally, like us, he’s a redhead! UB Seal of Approval, double-stamped!

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Beck Ho September 5, 2013 at 12:25 pm

That is some seriously funny stuff. Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely keep my eye peeled for more from this guy. I would absolutely pay to see him live, but as I live in Asia, that probably won’t happen (for one thing, we don’t have the problems he discusses in this bit over here).

I’ve just linked to Bill Burr’s site, and as soon as I’m done writing this, I’m buying his “You People Are All the Same” download. It’s only five bucks!


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