Tip of the Day: Be the AX

by Eubie on September 6, 2013

agent-of-chaosOkay, by AX we’re being a bit clever with our transformation into acronym. Here AX is shorthand for ‘Agent of Chaos,’ or if you prefer, ‘Agent(s) of Kaos,’ or more to the point, AoCs or ACs (hard ‘C’ or hard ‘K’ sound) which comes out as Axe, or AX. Whew, now that’s how you belabor a point, eh? Anyway, ‘axe,’ or AX creates an appropriate mental visual of what we’re trying to get at: the sharp swinging blade that hacks and splinters,┬áthat force for change, that wild-eyed screamer at the lunatic fringe, the outcast, rebel, that marcher (stomper?) to the beat of a different drummer, you get the idea. Too lazy to look this up (actually, tried, couldn’t find it, gave up… so we’re just going to wing it), but such smart guys as Nietzsche, Foucault, and the Joker, advocated on behalf of the social deviant… that is, those of us who today are cast as wrong, bad, evil, deranged, mad, what have you. Be that guy, challenge the status quo, rage against the machine… in a word (okay, two words) ‘Fight back!’ Nietzsche said society needed a good goosing every now and then (more now and then, perhaps). Foucault, who in his day considered himself one of the fringe, wanted to draw attention to how society labels those individuals it does not understand, who do not fit in or tow the line, and then uses those labels to marginalize, stigmatize, crush. The Joker? Well, he just wanted to watch the world burn. We’re not advocating pyromania, insurrection, or destruction… no wait, yes… yes we are! (Though maybe start with a little symbolism until you get the hang of it.) Go forth, brothers, and be the AX that smashes!

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