Tip of the Day: Yummy Earth

by Eubie on September 7, 2013

We’re well into our third week of quitting smoking, and while we wish we could say it gets better every day, it doesn’t. Not… even… close. But, we’re hanging in there, and picking up a few tricks along the way to pass along to those of you who have thought about trying, are trying, or will one day try to quit. First, we’ve chosen the Cooper/Clayton Method to shepherd us to the Promised Land, mainly because its offered for free by the local Powers-That-Be (that is, city and state government). The method is none-too-complicated: basically, use some form of nicotine replacement–our local program coordinator-slash-sans smoking spiritual guru pushes the NicoDerm CQ patch–and gradual weening as part of a 13-week weekly-meeting course of ‘Rah-Rah’ instruction on how to stay away from tobacco. So far, not bad… well, bad yes, but better than Cold Turkey. Being part of a group not only puts pressure on you to stay quit but you also inadvertently put pressure on others to be good. One for all and all screwed together! Okay, after all that introduction it’s time for the tip: lollies… in particular, the very best generally-not-too-bad-for-you sucker produced by the organic confectioner Yummy Earth (or YumEarth)… watch the video here to learn more about the company and how they make their lollipops. Through trial-and-error we’ve discovered that lollipops are the best substitute for cigarettes; they’re like cigs in that you need to fiddle with them, and they keep your mouth busy so they address the oral fixation aspect of smoking. Of course, they’re not cigarettes, so the nicotine patch comes in handy, but we have discovered one flavor of the Yummy Earth that tops all others because of a faux-smoking property: Yummy Earth Organic Hot Chili Pops in Chili Lime Lambada and Chili Mango Mambo. These treats are the bomb, G, because the chili-flavoring gives them a ‘bite’… vaguely similar to what you get from a ciggie. No, they are not a cigarette, we know, but they do come about as close as you can get without actually smoking something, and they’re reasonably (though not sugar-free) healthy. You’ll find them (as the link suggests) on Amazon.com, but also in your local health foods store.

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