Tip of the Day: Avoid Xenoestrogens!

by Eubie on September 9, 2013

We talk a fair bit here about how to stay trim and fit: cut down on the sugar, eat more of this, less of that, what-have-you. But there’re some general rules that you need to be aware of, brothers. First, food is more important than exercise to weight loss, and recent research bears this out. The question then becomes, how to simplify recommendations into a general strategy for eating. Here it is: cut out the breads and cereals (for the most part… everybody needs a plate of spaghetti every now and then), and most importantly, stop eating xenoestrogens! After years of our own painstaking trial-and-error research we have discovered that the rise of the world’s ‘plumenproletariat‘ is due to this insidious preservative that is used to keep food on the shelves and fat on your ass. This eHow website offers a few tips on how to get rid of this chemical from your diet, though you must keep in mind that you’ll never be able to remove 100 percent of it because it’s everywhere in everything! Easy suggestions to remember are:

1) Don’t cook microwave foods in plastic

2) Avoid the preservative BHA (check labels)

3) Try to eat more organic foods

4) Use sunscreen (yes, we know this is controversial, as one of our regular contributors, the White Tiger, growls) without 4-MBC

5) Check the others yourself; they’re a little more specific than we think necessary for inclusion on the Big List here

The reason these preservatives are awful is they mimic estrogen, and why in the hell does an unrepentant bachelor need more estrogen? We don’t, especially since estrogen encourages the body to store fat for those babies you might be having… and you’re not because you can’t, so there!

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Beck Ho September 9, 2013 at 9:58 am

Tofu and other soy-based foods are also suspect (unless the tofu has been fermented, like what they put in some Japanese soybean soups). The soybean industry is gigantic and they suppress this information, but if you check out any website pitched to athletes or hardcore exercisers, ALL of them (all the ones I’ve see, anyway, and I’ve seen a lot) say you shouldn’t anything soy-based, especially if you’re a guy. And if you’re an unrepentant bachelor, then you must be a guy, right?


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